Health & Safety Guidelines

At Foreman Wolf, we are committed to the health and safety of all our staff and guests. We have followed the Operational Toolkit for Businesses Considering Reopening Operations in COVID-19 by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, as well as the National Restaurant Association (NRA) COVID-19 Reopening guidance. We obey and regularly consult NRA, CDC, Maryland Department of Health, The Office of Governor Larry Hogan’s and the City of Baltimore’s orders, response, data, and guidance.

We now offer outdoor dining and contact-free, cashless take-away at all properties (no signature required for credit card payments)

- Reservations are highly encouraged in order to maintain proper capacity, avoid waits and the creation of crowded areas
- No more than 6 quests per table, unless they belong to the same household
- Health declaration form required for guests at check-in (sanitized and used pens marked accordingly)
- Temperature checked with a contactless thermometer
- We are asking that all guests assist in our health and safety efforts by wearing masks whenever your server is attending your table.
- Mandatory mask for guests when not seated, including walking to the restrooms
- Reminder on how to properly wear a face mask and wash your hands displayed onsite
- All properties prioritize credit cards payment

- Markers outside properties to ensure guests wait with proper distancing as needed
- Guest check-in process outdoors, where possible
- Hand sanitizer available at check-in and throughout the restaurant
- All guests are seated at least 6 feet apart
- Single-use menus available, QR code posted on table links to menu online
- Salt, pepper, sugar and sweeteners provided on request and sanitized between uses
- We no longer open wine bottles tableside to check for taint; staff will do so from an appropriate distance
- Guests directed to restrooms via least trafficked path to avoid contact
- Upon payment, all pens and check presenters sanitized between patrons

- Temperature checked before each shift with a contactless thermometer
- Proper face mask required at all times
- Hands must be washed every 30 minutes either using soap or hand sanitizer
- Physical/social distancing is implemented when applicable
- Reviewed and signed a safety protocol, provided in English and Spanish
- Trained on the difference between cleaning and sanitizing
- Safety posters provided and posted in English and Spanish on all safety protocols including those developed by CDC & NRA
- Tables and chairs are cleaned in between patrons and high contact places sanitized regularly using only CDC-approved COVID-19 products

– Temperature checked with a contactless thermometer before entering property
– All drivers are required to wear a face mask if entering the property